6 line Hyderabad-Sukkur 296 KM motorway project to be started in early 2018

Islamabad – Federal government has failed to start Hyderabad-Sukkur 6 line 296 KM motorway under CPEC and the cost of the project has jumped from Rs 175 billion to Rs 238 billion. The ex-prime minister had directed to NHA for launching the project in 2017, however, it has not been started so far due to some technical problems and will be launched in early 2018.

Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah has written a letter to PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, saying that the project would be among the most costly projects in Pakistan and Rs 200 billion could be saved by the alternative plan. 

According to sources, Letter of Intent has been issued to MS-China regarding Hyderabad-Sukkur 6 line 296 KM motorway and land acquiring phase for the project is at the final stage. “Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif had directed NHA for starting the project in the same year 2017, however, the authority remained unable to do so; work on the project might be started in the beginning of 2018”, the sources expressed. 

It is said that after the completion of the project, the Hyderabad-Sukkur motorway would be provided to a Chinese construction company on lease for eighteen years. The revival cost of the project has been estimated Rs 238 billion, and the work would be completed in three years. 

According to sources 10, foreign construction companies had participated in the tender, six of them qualified. Although ex-PM Nawaz Sharif had asked for starting the work on the project, the project could not be started due to some technical problems. 

According to sources, NHA has designed Hyderabad-Sukkur 6 line motorway according to 120 KM/hour speed; 70 bridges, 15 interchanges, and 243 underpasses would be part of the project as well. The government had allocated Rs 175 estimated cost for the project in 2017-18, but the estimated cost jumped to Rs 238 billion due to lingering on its launching. 

By:" Naveed Jamal"

One thought on “6 line Hyderabad-Sukkur 296 KM motorway project to be started in early 2018”

  1. Sir 

    This project Long time under process, Federal govt not intrested, this project not start in 2018, because, project just only documents ground status zero, my agriculer land afected this project still i not receive any govt notes  to clear land how possible to start project in 2018, this project same like loraliya tunnil or lyari express way not complate 20 to 40 year, already last 5 year under process, federal govt not intrested project in sindh , only punjab project complete, all KPM motoway section going to complete in 2018 or 19 but this still project status zero , if you any update this project please share 




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