Banning imports imperative for the rich economy: Rasheed Butt

Islamabad –  Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders and Consul General Ghana, Shaheed Rasheed Butt has said that complete ban over imports, wrapping nonproductive expenditures, vanishing protocol of ministers, advisers and bureaucracy is inevitable, saying that despite ban on using government vehicles influential people are violating monetization and no one is to ask.

While expressing the views in an interview he said that he has been serving the business community for 25 years, among which twenty years as Chairman Foundation Group Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries and eleven years Business Adviser to Belgium government and two times president of Islamabad Chamber. 

 “We must get benefits from CPEC by boosting up local exports and trade activities,” he said, saying that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will indeed change country’s fate, but CPEC shouldn’t be politicized. 

He explained that business and politics are two different fields and both should be managed separately for leading the country towards progress and prosperity. 

Rasheed Butt said that there would not be any negative impacts on Pakistani industry by CPEC and awareness ought to be bringing among people in this regard which is the responsibility of the government. India has been extended hatching conspiracies since the CPEC project started in Pakistan. The tension not only deteriorated the relations but put the negative impact on bilateral trade between both the countries. 

Indian conspiracies miserably hurt Pak-Afghan trade as well, jobs of hundreds of thousands people are connected. The entire region is becoming fragile, which resulted in poverty and starvation. Like Indian military establishment, the civilian administration does not leave any stone unturned without trying to hurt Pakistan, and the country has mixed up both politics and business which is extremely condemnable. 

Shaheed Rashid Butt said that the poorest people are living in SAARC countries; the reason is a conflict between two nuclear states, which has halted the progress. India is daydreaming of hegemony in the region which would never come true. Prosperity comes only by vanishing tension in the region, for which Indian policymakers must change their ideology of dominance. 

He emphasized that Pakistan would never compromise on its principled stand on Kashmir issue, and also intends to make trade and business with India, as it is the effective way for bringing peace and stability in the region; however Indian attitude remains inflexible which is the main hurdle in peace. 

He said that Pakistan is facing the historical trade deficit which is poisonous to the economy, and we ought to take tangible measures for curbing it. The government must entirely ban on imports, end up nonproductive expenditures and vanish the protocol of ministers, advisers, and bureaucrats. 

He said that UK premier himself drives while going from office to home and managing his domestic works. The VIP culture in Pakistan gave nothing to the country except injuries and the time has come to end it.

By:"Afshan Mir"

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