Gwadar’s development under CPEC

The development of Gwadar under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects seem to be a major challenge for the China to reach at a successful conclusion where the development under the precious projects, like improvement of education sector, water and power crisis including the broken roads are not listed yet. Actually, Gwadar is situated in Balochistan where the Baloch are strictly not allowed to visit the Gwadar Port at all which is a major sign of ignorance for us. The CPEC projects constructions are only being done in the main port where the coastal guards ban to visit. The Gwadar’s way has multiple check posts of Pakistani force, Police, Levies including coastal guards who have maintained their strict rules and regulations of checking the visitors. 

Recently, we had visited Gwadar city and its coastal areas including GT (but not inside of Gwadar port) where we could observed that Gwadar’s people are not getting a single benefit under the CPEC project where the visit in Gwadar city was really shocking where seeing the broken roads of the main city with ups and downs had brought several types of questions regarding the CPEC projects whether they are really interested to develop Gwadar or only have the projects to construct the Gwadar’s main port and other sectors are completely neglected from the root.  

At least the main roads of Gwadar city should have been constructed with building parking areas, except the main port road which was fully constructed well with lights but unfortunately there was no name of the construction of the city road yet. Painfully, the public had protested multiple time regarding power and water crisis, education and city’s issues but no one has taken a single action, till today the people are crying and dying for drinkable water and electricity, as water is as much expansive that poor public can’t afford to buy, because a truck’s water costs more then two thousands rupees, how can it be possible to survive in such city. Where is the development of Gwadar as today the fundamental rights are being very expensive like golds in Pakistan? If the CPEC project doesn’t remove these issues then how can we expect bringing development in Gwadar city? 

So the government of Pakistan and head of CPEC project are humbly requested to eradicate the issues of the Gwadar city to provide water and power including proper education and roads with eliminating unemployment issue to have equal-eyes for the Gwadar public who are approximately waiting for the development of Gwadar by receiving advantages under the projects. I hope that the government would think about bringing positive changes for the complete Gwadar, not for only its port.

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