Pak-China to cooperate in developing eco-friendly products

Islamabad – A five-member delegation of China System Machinery Inspection Services (SMIS) is currently on a visit to Pakistan to explore the areas of bilateral cooperation in promoting Eco-friendly products.

The Eco-friendly concept aims at manufacturing the products in way, it does not harm the environment, rather contributes to green living practices. Such products need to make helpful to conserve resources like water and energy. The delegation including Chinese officials Tang Jiping, Shen Tao, Sun Zhenshang and Jian Shang held a briefing-session here at the Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP).

Those who addressed the session included their Pakistani partners Khalid Mahmood, Dr. Ashraf Sheikh, Syed Ahmed Ali Shah and Sharjeel Farooq. Capt. Engr. Najamuddin of IEP, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre conducted the session.

The members of the delegation said they will work with the Pakistani companies to help in launching Green Product Certification in Pakistan. He hoped it will contribute uplifting the environmental practices in manufacturing various products.

Eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution. A green product can generally be defined as a product that, from raw material extraction and processing to use and end-of-life disposal, lessens its impact on the environment as thoroughly as possible.

The certification system guides the manufacturers to position their products as green and eco-friendly. Recently, China has made “green development” one of the five guiding principles in its Five Year Plan, calling for a more eco-friendly development of the economy to solve severe pollution problems.

One of the key measures has been to integrate “green” industry and encourage consumption of “green products”. In furtherance of these objectives, the State Council has decided to establish a comprehensive, integrated green product certification and labelling scheme to replace the existing system. The goal of the reform is to develop a new structural and legal framework to support a voluntary, unified scheme for the certification and labelling of green products.

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