A lecture harmony the Philosophy behind traditional Chinese Medicine by Associate Chief Physician

Islamabad – A lecture; harmony –the Philosophy behind traditional Chinese Medicine by Associate Chief Physician, Ms. Wang Huiying, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine held here at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Thursday.The lecture was organized by China Cultural Center at PNCA.Director General PNCA Jamal Shah, Pan Yuqi-China Embassy Culture office, Scholar Irshadullah Khan, President All-China Pakistan Friendship Association (ACPFA) Ms. Atiya Qutub and Director China Study Center COMSATs Syed Tanvir Jaferi also attended the lecture session.

Ms. Wang Huiying in her lecture elaborated the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back to the birth of ancient Chinese civilization.
She briefed the participants about traditional Chinese medicine, a broad range of practices including various forms of acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, specific movements or postures, coordinated breathing, mental focus, exercise and dietary therapy.Traditional Chinese medicine is a brilliant component of Chinese culture. Characterized by a unique theoretical system and enriched by thousands of years of practical experience, it still possesses great vitality.

This seems to be a miracle in the world history of medicine. There are many reasons; the crucial one is the dialectical viewpoint of ancient Chinese philosophical thought, which provided the theoretical basis for the founding and developing of traditional Chinese medicine.The achievements of traditional Chinese medicine, in turn, further stimulated philosophical thought, thus forming a benign circle. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is not a collection of piecemeal experiences. Most experiences have been summed up, forming a theoretic system, both medical and philosophical

By:"Azhar Jataoi"

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